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The attorneys of Zangari Cohn Cuthbertson Duhl & Grello P.C. have provided quality legal services and unique legal solutions for business owners throughout Connecticut, Rhode Island, the rest of New England and the Tri-State region since 1946. Our lawyers focus on our clients’ needs to find resolutions that meet their objectives in a cost-effective manner. We do this by working closely with our clients to help them identify and avoid problems. We invite you to learn more about the reputation we have earned among business owners and throughout the business law community. Contact our offices in New Haven and Hartford, Connecticut or Warwick, Rhode Island (near Providence) to schedule an opportunity to meet with us about resolving your legal matter.


Attorney Profiles

Christine A. BarkerPrincipal

Phone: 203.789.0001

Email: cbarker@zcclawfirm.com

Trusted Business Advisor, Deal Attorney and Business Law Counselor to Select Middle-Market Clients. My motto: Find the way...

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Robert W. BlythePrincipal

Phone: 203.789.0001

Email: rblythe@zcclawfirm.com

Following graduation from law school, I returned to Connecticut seeking a “smaller firm” atmosphere in lieu of the big city...

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Robert F. CohnPrincipal

Phone: 203.789.0001

Email: rcohn@zcclawfirm.com

Since completing an LLM in Taxation from New York University in 1981, I have enjoyed assisting clients with making difficult....

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Hugh W. CuthbertsonPrincipal

Phone: 203.789.0001

Email: hcuthbertson@zcclawfirm.com

Since my graduation from law school in 1973, I have been involved in both civil and criminal litigation in state and...

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Roy L. De BarbieriCounsel

Phone: 203.789.0001

Email: debarbieri@aol.com

Full Time Commercial Arbitrator/Mediator, Attorney at Law, and Fact-finder in Commercial, Construction, Franchise...

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Glenn A. DuhlPrincipal

Phone: 203.786.3709 and 203.623.1465

Email: gduhl@zcclawfirm.com

Glenn Duhl represents management in employment law and litigation; he is an experienced aggressive litigator who...

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Nicholas J. GrelloPrincipal

Phone: 203.789.0001

Email: ngrello@zcclawfirm.com

Nick represents private and public sector employers with respect to labor and employment law matters...

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George KellyCounsel

Phone: 860.380.5323

Email: gkelly@zcclawfirm.com

Bio To Come

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Kyle A. McClain, Esq.Associate

Phone: 203.786.3702

Email: kmcclain@zcclawfirm.com

I practice labor, employment, and education law, providing practical and informed legal counsel with my own brand of...

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Michael McGoldrickCounsel

Phone: 860.380.5323

Email: mmcgoldrick@zcclawfirm.com

Michael McGoldrick represents and counsels employers in employment law and litigation matters....

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Benjamin P. MichaelsonPrincipal, Managing Partner

Phone: 203.789.0001 and 860.380.5323

Email: bmichaelson@zcclawfirm.com

Guiding businesses and business owners on general and complex legal matters requires skill, knowledge, timing, and patience. So...

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Steven C RickmanPrincipal

Phone: 203.789.0001

Email: srickman@zcclawfirm.com

I have been working with business and insurance clients to resolve legal disputes for nearly 25 years. I am often called...

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Anthony M. Sagnella, Esq.Associate

Phone: 203.789.0001

Email: asagnella@zcclawfirm.com

My estate planning work involves the drafting of wills, powers of attorney, revocable and irrevocable trusts...

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Adam Lyke, Esq.Associate

Phone: 203.786.3706

Email: alyke@zcclawfirm.com

Adam Lyke represents employers in employment law and litigation including wage and hour, breach of contract...

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Cristina Salamone Esq.Esquire

Phone: 203.789.0001

Email: csalamone@zcclawfirm.com

I have substantial litigation and dispute resolution experience in the areas of general liability, commercial liability...

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Angelica M. WilsonAssociate

Phone: 203.789.0001

Email: awilson@zcclawfirm.com

Angelica Wilson represents the interests of management in employment law and litigation including wage and hour...

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Mario J. ZangariPrincipal

Phone: 203.789.0001 and 401.244.9048

Email: mzangari@zcclawfirm.com

Mario Zangari represents primarily owners and senior professional managers of closely held and publicly owned businesses...

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